The Five-Minute Checklist for a Successful Ecommerce Website

Planning a new ecommerce website, or looking to improve your current site?

It’s time to get back to basics. If you want to achieve ecommerce success, then here are the keys to make sure your ecommerce website does what you want it to do, no matter what you’re selling.

Quick now, how many boxes from this checklist do you and your ecommerce website get right?

▢  You have something to sell.

▢  You get your point across right away. Your website visitor understands what it is you have to sell within 10 seconds or less of landing on your site. (Visitors looking for a solution to their problem right now don’t typically have the patience for solving mysteries like what it is you actually do or sell.)

▢  You have great navigation. It’s easy to see if you have what your visitor is looking for. Putting out your wares in the virtual display cases lining the aisles of your online shop is great for people who like to browse, but for problem solvers (i.e. those most motivated to buy), your visitor can always navigate directly to what they’re interested in. Bonus points for a search option too.

▢  You aren’t anonymous to your visitor. The quickest way to build trust and credibility is to show that there’s a real person or a real team behind your website.

▢  You provide enough information about your products. Visitors can be confident about what they’re buying. Your product descriptions answer basic questions like: “How big is the product?” “What color is it?” “How many widgets are included in the package?” A good photo goes a long way but it isn’t a substitute for a detailed description.

▢  You can be contacted. Your contact information is clearly visible on the site in case your visitors have additional questions. Bonus points for live chat or on-demand help.

▢  You set clear expectations and have transparent policies. On your website a visitor can read about the delivery time, shipping charges, return policies, etc. This is crucial if you’re selling physical products.

▢  You make the order process easy. A visitor can buy something on your website in two minutes or less. You don’t make visitors jump through unnecessary hoops and get lost along the way; you ask them to provide just enough information or do just enough work to make the sale.

▢  You offer trusted and convenient payment methods. Your target visitors feel safe doing business with you.

▢  You contacted Blas and Sarah at to learn even more ways to make your ecommerce website a success.

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